• Partnership
    Contained in this contract are the detailed commitments and arrangements to be provided for your wedding. To enable us to provide maximum service, you should indicate any requirements beyond the level of these commitments upon return of the signed copy of this agreement to the Pallas Beach Taverna.
    Client obligations pertinent to deposits and cancellation terms are embodied in this agreement. Any changes can be requested in writing to the Pallas Beach Taverna, but not necessarily granted. If a copy of your signed contract is not received by the date requested the Pallas Beach Taverna reserves the right to release all venue space held. The Pallas Beach Taverna must agree to any alterations to arrangement details in this document in writing.  All prices quoted include Goods and Services Tax, 24%.
  • Confirmation
    No provisional bookings will be held under any circumstances.
    All bookings must be received in writing accompanied by a signed copy of the booking sheet and terms and conditions at the time of booking.
  • Deposit
    A deposit of 50% is required no later than 5 working days after the receipt of the signed booking sheet and terms and conditions.
    Failure to pay the deposit within this time will result in the booking being released.
    The Management reserves the right to cancel any function if the deposit is not received.
  • Cancellations
    All cancellations must be in writing.
    The deposit is refundable only as stated :
    6 months prior to the wedding date : FULL REFUND LESS 15% ADMINISTRATION CHARGES
    Between 6 months and 90 days : 50% OF THE DEPOSIT HELD LESS 15% ADMINISTRATION CHARGES
    Less than 90 days : NO REFUND
    The reduction (significant drop in numbers) in any services as listed above are also subjected to cancellation fees as outlined above.
  • Guaranteed Food & Beverage Numbers
    Final catering numbers are to be advised 14 days prior to the wedding, this is regarded as the minimum number for catering purposes; this number will be charged on your final account regardless of any drop in numbers. Any increase in numbers will be charged accordingly. (MINIMUM GUARANTEED OR ACTUAL, WHICHEVER IS HIGHER)
    Please note that the final catering numbers cannot deviate more than 20% from the original catering numbers booked.
  • Payment
    Full payment is required 7 days prior to the wedding date you will be provided with a total wedding estimate/invoice. Please note any additional on consumption charges such as beverage will be required to be paid in full upon departure from the venue
    The Bride and Groom accept responsibility for all accounts (e.g. dinner, liquor, decorations, set up, incidentals, if any (and any other miscellaneous charges) for the guests or invitees that are not paid directly on departure.
    Credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 2.5%.
  • Menu Selection
    Please confirm your menu selection no later than one (1) month prior to the event, or as otherwise advised.
    Wine List is subject to change, please contact the Pallas Beach Taverna to obtain an updated wine list when making your menu selection.
    Food and Beverage
    No Food or Beverage of any kind will be permitted to bring into or removed from the Pallas Beach Taverna by the Bride and Groom, guests or invitees under any circumstances. Wedding cakes are exempted
    Food and beverage selections must be made one (1) month prior to the function, after this time the Pallas Beach Taverna will automatically make the selections and the client will be charged accordingly.
  • Insurance & Damages
    The Pallas Beach Taverna will take all necessary care, but does not accept any responsibility for damage to or loss of any property or merchandise left in the premises prior to, during or after any event.
    It is recommended that the Bride and Groom arrange their own personal liability insurance and security as required.
    On signing the terms and conditions the client accepts responsibility for all damages to the venue i.e. walls, carpet, doors, tables, chairs, or any equipment etc. The client accepts to pay the full amount of repair and/or replacement.
  • Decorations
    Wedding table items/decorations are the responsibility of the Bride & Groom to arrange and organise the placement of on the tables.
    It is the Bride and Grooms responsibility to arrange collection of all material within 24 hours (or as agreed) after event. Any items left at the Pallas Beach Taverna will be disposed of after that time period – this includes table decorations, flowers and cakes.
    It is expressly forbidden to use screws, nails, tacks, adhesive paper or any similar fixing devices on any part of the interior or exterior of the venue; except with prior consent of the Manager.
    No Confetti, artificial petals (Natural petals are fine) are to be used.
  • Price Variations
    The Bride and Groom will be notified of any unavoidable price changes no later than ninety (90) days prior to your date. While we endeavor to maintain prices as originally quoted to you, they may be subject to alteration particularly when bookings are made well in advance.
  • Day Weddings:
    Lunch time wedding receptions must vacate the Pallas Beach Taverna by 3:30 pm sharp, unless prior agreement.
    Evening weddings will be provided access to the venue not before 3:30 PM unless prior agreement.
  • Music Options
    All music regardless of what type must be finished by 11 PM (if in Pallas Beach Taverna grounds). Music inside the building is permitted as long as it complies with the noise levels. Management discretion is binding.
  • Alcohol & Drinks
    Our closing times are dictated by our licensing hours.
    Please note that the Alcohol/Drinks have to be in our control.
    No Alcohol can be brought and consumed in the premises by the guests, invitees or Bride and Groom
    If the venue finds patrons acting in a manner which is a breach of Liquor license conditions, reserves the right to deny service.
    If the management deems fit that there is requirement of security arrangements, these charges will be passed on to you.