Restaurant Wedding Reception

  • For that memorable wedding reception of a lifetime, Pallas Beach Taverna is an upscale choice. It serves exquisite fine-dining in an enchanting well-lit space of grand elegance complete and luxurious.
  • The restaurant is situated within the most romantic place on the island of Rhodes. We invite you to leave the city bustle behind and be pampered like royalty, both you and your wedding guests, at a charming venue.
  • Where better to host your wedding dinner reception than within an idyllic place with Greek cuisine by the sea.
  • Pallas Beach Taverna offers one other special ingredient to ensure that extraordinary wedding experience its impeccable service and astute attention to all essential details lovingly put together by its experienced staff team.
  • Indulge in a wedding experience that will remain a talking point among family and guests long after the wedding. Host your grand banquet at Pallas Beach Taverna and close your personal love story chapter with a fairytale ending as you enter matrimonial bliss.